Prague has a population of over 1 200 000 inhabitants and is visited daily by over 100 000 tourists.

The head of the City is the elected Mayor of Prague (since 2010 MD Bohuslav Svoboda, CSc.).

The main body of the city administration is Prague City Assembly comprising of seventy members. 11 of them form Prague City Council. There is a four-year term in office. The executive authority is Prague City Hall with specialized departments and units. The operation of the City and the services for its inhabitants and visitors is ensured by 90 organizations and businesses, established by the City of Prague.

Basic information about Prague

Area: 496 km²
Population: 1 262 000
Geographical location: (city centre) 50° 05' 19" North latitude and 14° 25' 17" East longitude
So called Prague Meridian passes through Prague. It is marked with a specially paved line in the Old Town Square near Hus Monument (14° 25' 17" East longitude)
Time zone Central European Time (GMT + 1), summer time – Central European + 1 (GMT + 2)

Average 235 metres above sea level
Highest elevation 399 m Teleček, Prague 5, Sobín cadastral area,

Za hospodou locality (past Zličín, direction of Chrášťany)
Lowest elevation 177 AMSL. Sedlec u Vltavy
Bílá hora 381m, Děvín 310 m, Petřín 318 m, Vítkov 270 m, Vyšehrad 231 m .

Climate: Average temperature 9.0 °C, in the summer season – July 19.0 °C, in the winter season – January – 0.9 °C
Main river: The Vltava River flows through Prague with a total length of 31 km, its widest point is 330 m, the river has 9 islands
Bridges over the Vltava: Down the river – Závodu míru, Branický, Barrandovský, Železniční, Palackého, Jiráskův, Legií, Karlův, Mánesův, Čechův, Štefánikův, Hlávkův, Negrelliho viaduct, Libeňský, Holešovický (railway bridge), Barikádníků, Holešovický  (tram bridge), Trojská lávka (Troja footbridge) – 18 bridges in total
Voltage: 230 V
Historical centre: Hradčany, Malá Strana (Lesser Town), Staré Město (Old Town), including Josefov, Nové Město (New Town) and Vyšehrad
Number of towers: approximately 500
Parks and gardens: 870 ha
Foundation of the City: 9th century (foundation of Prague Castle)
The historical core of Prague is Prague Monument Reservation with an area of 866 ha.
This includes Vyšehrad, Prague Castle, Old Town, including Josefov, Lesser Town, Hradčany and New Town. In December 1992, the historical centre of Prague was added to the UNESCO world heritage list.
Administrative division: Since 1st July 2001: 22 administrative districts, 57 city districts

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