The mission of the Prague Representation is to continue increasing awareness about Prague and its interests amongst the representatives of European institutions and other relevant organisations. It also  reports on the official and unofficial events within the EU, along with providing feedback on Prague interests and activities back to Prague, to its political representation and administrative leaders. Furthermore, one of the objectives of the Representation is to improve communication on European issues and the possibilities that the EU offers for other Prague institutions, associations and citizens of the city. In all its activities the Prague Representation focuses on the important role of networking for the benefit of the city.

The activity of the Prague Representation is focused on several main areas:

  • Monitoring EU events and reporting
  • Defending and presenting the interests of the capital city of Prague
  • Representing the city in various working groups and interest organisations
  • Promoting Prague culture, arts, history (organising cultural events – exhibitions, concerts etc)
  • Organising conferences, seminars, social events
  • Agenda of the Committee of the Regions

History of Prague House

The building of Prague Delegation is situated right next to the beautiful square Marie-Louise. This square, creating together with the Avenue Palmerston one unit, has existed since the end of 15th century.

Marie-Louise square and Avenue Palmerston were the second most important square in Brussels after Grand Place and they were inhabited by the Belgian elite, e.g. mainly by rich aristocracy. Even these days the zone is classified as the "zone d'interret culturel, historique et esthetique".

The four-storied house of Prague Delegation with a basement and a garden is among the important sites of Belgian Art Nouveau. It was built in 1897 – 1899 (like most houses in this street) by the prominent Belgian architects M. Bosmans and Henrz Van de Velde, actually their first joint work, for the famous Belgian dentist family Van Stratum. The dental profession has been followed by each generation (since 1840) and this private practice has always been visited by the elite clientele. Previous generations also provided their services for leading industrialists (for example the Solvay family), several members of the royal family and these days also to high public officials of the European institutions.

Prague bought this house in August 2001. The Prague Delegation officially began to function on 25 June 2002.

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