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Celkový počet: more than 120
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  • 27. 3. 2014 Prague’s Significant Trees
    The number of significant trees in Prague’s database has now reached 204. The database has expanded due to a competition called “Discover Significant Trees” published at (in Czech). As a consequence, there were many forgotten trees discovered that hold an important messages from Czech history.
  • 25. 3. 2014 Unique Paintings by Jan Saudek in Malostranská Beseda
    Malostranská beseda hosts a unique exhibition of paintings, photographs, costumes and properties by the world famous photographer Jan Saudek. The event is held in the premises of the Renaissance loft, between 29th March and 31st May, daily except for Monday, between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.
  • 25. 3. 2014 Last Impressionist – Last Chance
    Visitors can enjoy the very last days of of the exhibition Ludvík Kuba – Last Impressionist, which is organised by the National Gallery in Prague in Salmov Palace on Hradčany Square. The exhibition will finish on Sunday, 6th April.
  • 24. 3. 2014 Febiofest Shows 141 Films from All Over the World
    The opening programme of the 21st edition of the international film festival Febiofest started in an unusual manner. The organizers showed their support for the Ukraine and this will also be also reflected in the programme. What is more, three of the organizers received the Polish national award Bene Merito.
  • 24. 3. 2014 Children Depict Prague’s Beauty
    An exhibition called Prague and Its Picturesque Nooks in the Gallery Ve Věži at the Novoměstská Town Hall offers a view of the major sights of Prague 2 and the city, and of figurative compositions by Japanese children.
  • 24. 3. 2014 Veletržní Palace – What We Did Not Know
    An absolutely revelatory exhibition is the Story of Veletržní Palace, prepared by the National Gallery. This is where you will find out how little people knew about Veletržní Palace. Thanks to the research work done by curators, some very surprising facts are coming to light.
  • 24. 3. 2014 The Largest Eagle on Earth Has Twins
    Prague Zoo can be proud of their most productive couple - the Steller’s Sea Eagle. Matyas and Matylda settled on their nest in January and now have two eaglets.
  • 21. 3. 2014 Unrevealed Menu in Aero Cinema
    After the successful start with the Indian film Lunchbox at the Bio Oko Cinema, the pop-up concept of Cinema Cuisine moves to the Aero Cinema, Žižkov. For one night, the Aero Cinema will turn into the Grand Budapest Hotel and after the show of the new film by Wes Anderson a five-star menu will be served to closed society.
  • 21. 3. 2014 CEE Cup football is coming!
    The CEE Cup football tournament (4th year) will culminate in a Grand Final on 30th July in the Victoria Žižkov stadium. Before that, of course, there will be the fight for qualification between the best youth teams from Central and Eastern Europe.
  • 20. 3. 2014 BEAT – Modern Ballet Evokes Connection
    Prague Chamber Balet (PKB) is presenting an exclusive event on 16th April at the New Stage of the National Theatre. A night long choreography piece called BEAT by a progressive duo, Uri Ivgi from Israel and Johan Greben from Netherlands, has been designed specifically for the PKB ensemble.
Celkový počet: more than 120
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