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  • 17. 3. 2014 Bright Green Petřín!
    Petřín view tower will have a green glow from this Friday, and will be lit with green lights until the morning of Tuesday 18th March. This will be Prague’s contribution to the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.
  • 17. 3. 2014 Michelin Star for Two Czech Restaurants
    Two Czech restaurants have been awarded the Michelin star for excellence - the Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise and the Alcron in the Radisson Hotel.
  • 14. 3. 2014 Botanical Gardens in Bloom Even Outside
    Until the end of March, the admission to the Prague Botanical Gardens is free. The gardens are definitely worth visiting, as spring has come early and a number of wood flowers are in bloom.
  • 13. 3. 2014 EXHIBITION: Czechoslovaks’ desire for the Adriatic sea.
    A project by Adéla Babanová is a fictive documentary about a tunnel that would connect Czechoslovakia with Yugoslavia.
  • 12. 3. 2014 Leopard Cubs Outdoors
    The three-month-old triplets of the rare Amur leopard have finally presented themselves to the eyes of Zoo visitors. The Zoo keepers have let the young outside together with their mother Khanka. They can be observed in the northern part of the Prague Zoo.
  • 12. 3. 2014 A Cool Young Bison to Add Zest to Local Herd
    The Prague Zoo has a new resident – and he is an all-male European bison no less. He arrived hotfoot from the German Tierpark Berlin to reinvigorate the local bison herd and to add vitality to its future offspring that will help to preserve this vulnerable species in the wild.
  • 11. 3. 2014 Beautiful Flowers in Fata Morgana, Prague Botanical Gardens
    The annual orchid exhibition in the Prague Botanical Gardens boasts the newly found orchid (vanilla), discovered by botanists from the gardens in the Vietnamese Jungle. Lovers of orchids can also learn about surprising facts about orchid reproduction.
  • 11. 3. 2014 Art Prague in Kafka House
    XIII edition of the Art Prague fair is held in Kafka House in Kafka Square. The exhibition lasts from 11th to 16th March.
  • 10. 3. 2014 Register for Family Run Before it’s Too Late
    Registration for the DM family runs organized by the RunCzech running league has already started. There are 11 600 places available. Last year, the places had been taken well before the end date.
  • 5. 3. 2014 BookBooth at Na Bulovce Hospital
    When else than in March – the month of books – should a new library service called BookBooth be launched at Na Bulovce Hospital? It is the sixth BookBooth in Prague and serves both patients and visitors to the hospital.
Celkový počet: more than 140
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