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  • 16. 4. 2015 Prague Photo Festival Approaching
    In April each year Prague comes alive with photography. This is the 8th year of Prague Photo Festival that takes place in Kafka's House from 21st to 26th April introduces 30 exhibitors.
  • 13. 4. 2015 WEEKEND TIP: JAWA Motorcycles at Chvaly Chateau
    The exhibition of JAWA motorcycles is held until 25th April.
  • 10. 4. 2015 Zoo – Iguanas in Heat
    At present, Prague Zoo is witnessing stormy courtship of blue iguanas. Visitors can watch them ‘live’ in the terrarium in the House of Big Cats and Reptiles.
  • 10. 4. 2015 PRAGUE IN MOVEMENT: How to Enjoy Prague on Foot, Bike or Boat
    A festival for all those who would like to enjoy Prague in an active way will be held on 12th April in the Old Town Square.
  • 10. 4. 2015 Letter of thanks from European Athletics
  • 7. 4. 2015 BIG SPRING CRITICAL MASS BIKE RIDE also through Blanka Tunnel
    Anyone can take part in this unusual route across the city on 16th April.
  • 7. 4. 2015 Virtuoso Ángel Muñoz to Fly into Prague on the Wings of Passionate Flamenco
    A fascinating unprecedented explosion of temperament - this is how people usually describe Ángel Muñoz’s dance productions. Ángel Muñoz, native of Córdoba, Andalusia, is one of the leading contemporary flamenco dancers. He will present a fusion of energy and passion in flamenco on 16th April at the ABC Theatre, Prague. This musical and dance project entitled Ángel, del Blanco al Negro / Angel between Black and White portrays a compelling connection of love and hate, overpressure of intensive emotions in the beat of diabolic staccato of the tips of shoes and snaps of the fingers, angelically gentle gestures and thrilling movements of a body that was almost completely motionless a second ago.
  • 13. 2. 2015 Librarians Encourage to Take Photos and Read
    As part of the thematic year "Prague in Library" the Municipal Library in Prague launches a competition for readers and photographers to depict Prague as a city of readers.
  • 9. 2. 2015 Commemoration 600 years since the burning of Jan Hus
    “We regard Jan Hus as an important character throughout Europe. Through his actions he was instrumental in the birth of a completely new European era which values the individual and the individual’s rights. A time which, with the passage of centuries, has transformed into democracy,” said Petr Hušek, senior manager of the national celebration.
  • 9. 2. 2015 Unique Portrait for Unique Exhibition
    Castles and Chateaus Rediscovered and Celebrated is an exhibition showing the best of Czech castles and chateaus. It offers a unique daguerreotype from 1839.
Celkový počet: more than 140
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