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Celkový počet: more than 170
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  • 26. 5. 2014 Holy Cards from Pilgrimage (even edible) in the National Library
    An exhibition entitled Holy Cards from Pilgrimage offers a wide variety of period pictures sold at pilgrimage sites. Visitors can admire pictures in the form of devotional scapulars, embroidered or folding pictures, cut-out pictures, organic, gelatine, gilt, lace and even edible pictures. The exhibition is open until 22nd June in the Exhibition Hall of Klementinum Gallery.
  • 23. 5. 2014 Through the Labyrinth of Mysterious Prague in New Town Hall
    An exhibition of source illustrational material for Pavel Růt’s book Labyrintem pražského tajemna (Through the Labyrinth of Mysterious Prague) maps individual groups of artists from the turn of the 19th/20th centuries, who explored themes on the boundary of reality and the fantasy world.
  • 21. 5. 2014 Forest Day in Stromovka Park
    A Forest Day in Stromovka Park will be held on Wednesday 28th May from 2 to 6 p.m. at Šlechta Restaurant. The event is held on the occasion of the conclusion of a memorandum on cooperation between the Prague Forests Organization and the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences of the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague.
  • 21. 5. 2014 Rothmayer Villa to Unite with Villa Müller
    Prague City Museum has assumed responsibility for yet another pearl of the modern 20th century architecture – the Rothmayer Villa situated nearby the Military University Hospital.
  • 21. 5. 2014 Prague Museum Night Has its Web
    The website of the 11th Prague Museum Night, held on Saturday 14th June 2014, has already been launched. Information about participating organisations as well as about a rich programme are available at You can follow interesting updates of the festival preparations already now on
  • 19. 5. 2014 Japanese Art at the House of National Minorities
    The Gallery of the House of National Minorities, Vocelova St. 602/3, Prague 2, holds a unique exhibition of contemporary and rather exotic graphic art from Japan. The exhibition lasts until 3rd June.
  • 19. 5. 2014 United Islands of Prague Reveal its Plan
    United Islands of Prague, held between 19th and 21st June at 8 outdoor locations and 14 clubs, have invited more than 150 performers.
  • 19. 5. 2014 Khamoro Comes to Prague!
    For the sixteenth time, the Czech capital is hosting the most famous Roma festival called Khamoro. It is being held from 25th May to 31st May 2014. This international festival offers a wide variety of cultural events in the rhythms of traditional Roma music and gypsy jazz. The new kid on the block is the so-called ‘Khamororo’ day dedicated to children. The festival is held under auspices of the Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka and the Mayor of Prague Tomáš Hudeček.
  • 19. 5. 2014 Church Night is Coming
    This year, churches belonging under the Archdiocese of Prague will open on 23th May. Individual parishes, choirs and church orders together with the organizing team have entered the stage of intensive preparation. Altogether 250 churches are enrolled.
  • 15. 5. 2014 Ethnographic Festival in Kinský Garden
    An Ethnographic Festival is to be held in Kinský Garden on 17th and 18th May 2014. The official start of the programme will take place on Saturday afternoon in the entrance to the gardens in front of the Ethnographic Museum (Musaion).
Celkový počet: more than 170
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