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Celkový počet: more than 170
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  • 12. 11. 2014 Karlínské Jeviště – Biggest Amateur Theatre Festival in Prague
    From 14th to 16th November 2014, Karlínské Spektrum hosts the autumn part of already the 17th edition of Karlínské Jeviště (Karlín Stage), the biggest amateur theatre festival in Prague and one of the biggest festivals of this kind in the CR.
  • 10. 11. 2014 Prague Zoo: Pair of Anteaters Meet at Last
    The female anteater Ella and the male Hannibal have finally met. The Prague Zoo renewed the breeding of anteaters at the end of June.
  • 10. 11. 2014 Visit Zoo with Public Transport Ticket
    Prague Zoo has launched a campaign titled “Make Better Use of your Ticket“, which is trying to promote ecological transport options to get to the Zoo.
  • 10. 11. 2014 The Best of Benedictine Era
    “This is an exhibition that none of the adult population will see again in this form," said Vít Vlnas, Director of the Collection of Old Masters Art of the National Gallery, about the exhibition.
  • 7. 11. 2014 Ski Equipment Sale in Yellow Spa
    The Yellow Spa in Podolí has opened a new season of ski and snowboard equipment, which will be held until the end of February 2015.
  • 7. 11. 2014 Javelin Throwers Plant Trees in Botanical Garden
    The most famous Czech javelin throwers, Barbora Špotáková and Jan Železný, have planted Ash trees in the Botanical Garden in Troja.
  • 5. 11. 2014 JATKA78: New Multi-functional Space Opens in Holešovice Marketplace
    The space will become home to Cirk La Putyka.
  • 3. 11. 2014 Winton’s Mulberry Takes Root in Botanical Garden, Troja.
    Sir Nicholas Winton flew to Prague to receive the Order of the White Lion, and on this occasion he gave Prague’s Botanical Garden a Mulberry tree, which is the 66th tree planted within the Celebrity Roots project.
  • 30. 10. 2014 Nusle Bridge - Exhibition
    Nusle Bridge (Nuselský most) is not only a great work of architecture, but also an important technical monument. In 2000, the bridge received the Construction of the Century Award in the category of transport structures.
  • 30. 10. 2014 Beautiful Vrtba Garden at Night
    Only twice a year for only two to four hours, Vrtba Garden is lit for the public. Vrtba Garden is one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful garden in Prague.
Celkový počet: more than 170
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