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Celkový počet: more than 180
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  • 27. 6. 2014 1000 Little Stupidities remembered in NTM
    The 50th anniversary of the start of production of the Škoda 1000 MB car is celebrated in a small display in the Transport History exhibition in the National Technical Museum.
  • 26. 6. 2014 Can Kudlička Break the Prague Pole-Vault Eecord? Come and See!
    Come and watch the Prague Pole-Vault, a competition for the best pole-vaulters, which takes place on 2nd July 2014 from 3pm in the lower part of Wenceslas Square known as “na podkově”.
  • 26. 6. 2014 So They’ve Killed our Ferdinand – at National Theatre
    The National Theatre has prepared a happening entitled So They’ve Killed our Ferdinand to mark the day of the 100th anniversary of the assassination. The event takes place in front of the theatre and later in the piazzetta.
  • 26. 6. 2014 Prague Zoo Reopens Tortoise House
    Roman Šebrle and Gabriela Kratochvílová to open the Tortoise House for the first time after last year’s floods.
  • 25. 6. 2014 Free Admission to Prague Museum and Tower as Reward for Good School Report
    The holidays are here, and Prague Museum has prepared a pleasant surprise from 27th – 29th June: free admission for children who have A grades in natural science, social studies, or history.
  • 25. 6. 2014 Drill Fest Army in Wenceslas Square
    On 26th June 2014, on the occasion of the Armed Forces Day, an exhibition performance of the guards of honour of the allied armies will be held in Wenceslas Square. The event is called Drill Fest Army CZ and armies from the following countries take part in it: USA, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia, Czech Republic and an invitation has also been sent to the British Royal Guard.
  • 25. 6. 2014 Come and Admire Franz Ferdinand d’Este’s Saloon Car
    The saloon carriage of the heir to the throne Franz Ferdinand d´Este marked Aza 1-0086, as a commemoration of the Sarajevo assassination (28th June 1914), will be displayed at Prague – Dejvice railway station on Friday 27th June 2014 from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.
  • 24. 6. 2014 Cinemabus Launches Seventh Summer Tour
    On 23th June 2014, Prague Public Transport Company (DPP) launched the seventh year of the successful film tour Cinemabus. In the course of summer evenings, altogether 49 screenings will be held in twelve locations in Prague. The event will culminate on 12th September 2014 with the beginning of the Stop Zewling festival.
  • 24. 6. 2014 EnviroCity Public Space Festival
    The EnviroCity Public Space Festival will be held from 21st to 29th June in the gardens of the Prague Institute of Planning and Development (IPD PRAGUE), Vyšehradská Street 57.
  • 20. 6. 2014 ZooBus Returns
    The ZooBus is running again during weekends and public holiday. It is a dedicated line operated by the Prague Zoo.
Celkový počet: more than 180
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