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Celkový počet: more than 48
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  • 21. 10. 2014 BOLLYWOOD FILM FESTIVAL in Prague
    The 12th edition of the Bollywood Film Festival is held in the Lucerna and Světozor cinemas and at the P.M. Club from 22nd to 26th October.
  • 13. 10. 2014 DAS FILMFEST: Best of German-Speaking Films
    Between 15th and 19th October, the Lucerna and Atlas cinemas present forty German-speaking films.
  • 18. 7. 2013 PRAGUE FILM SUMMER: Films in Světozor, Aero and Bio Oko Cinemas
    The fourth edition of the popular event offers daily afternoon projections for 40 CZK during July and August.
  • 28. 5. 2013 First Time in CZ: 4DX Cinema Offers Movement and Smells
    In a unique cinema in Smíchov the audience joins in as film participants.
  • 26. 2. 2013 Just for Shockproof Ones
    Cinema Aero holds its ninth year of the Shockproof Festival between 5th and 10th March.
  • 12. 2. 2013 Geraldine Chaplin Graces Febiofest
    Due to the Easter Holiday, the 20th year of Febiofest will be held a bit sooner than usual, between 14th and 22nd March. Because this is a jubilee year for the festival, it will be graced by the presence of some highly distinguished guests. The first mentioned one is Geraldine Chaplin who visited Febiofest already in 2006.
  • 24. 1. 2013 FESTIVAL Eiga-Sai Brings Movies from Japan
    Lucerna cinema offers the best from Japanese culture until 28th January.
  • 22. 11. 2012 Filmasia - Prague’s Asian Film Festival
    The eighth edition of Filmasia will be held from 30th November to 2nd December. It presents a wide range of films topped off with Kim Ki-duk’s new feature, which was awarded the Golden Lion at the Venice IFF. The festival also screens The Thieves, the most popular Korean film of all time.
  • 10. 10. 2012 Prague Indian Film Festival Now in Its Tenth Year
    Prague Indian Film Festival is celebrating its 10th year anniversary. At the same time, Indian film has been in existence for the whole 100 years. The weekend, 13th and 14th October, belongs to old movies that will be screened in Bio Ponrepo. Afterwards the event will continue in its traditional location, the cinema Světozor.
  • 12. 7. 2012 Echoes of Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in Aero and Světozor
    Also this years, all Prague’s film fans that didn’t get to visit Karlovy Vary Film Fest or did not get to see the films they wanted will be given the second chance at the Official Echoes of 47th Karlovy Vary IFF. The festival is held at Aero and Světozor cinemas until 15th July. Visitors can look forward to the new movie Polski Film by Marek Najbrt, experimental film Holy Motors by extravagant Leos Carax or another part of Woody Allen’s movie series dedicated to world metropolises, To Rome with Love.
Celkový počet: more than 48
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