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Celkový počet: more than 235
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  • 14. 1. 2014 Ingmar Bergman’s Films in Lucerna Cinema
    To mark the 105th anniversary of the Lucerna Cinema, a second, small cinema hall opens to the public. It was originally designed for Miloš Havel’s private projections. Miloš Havel was Lucerna’s co-owner and the founder of Barrandov Film Studios.
  • 10. 1. 2014 Prague Occupied by Ghosts
    A begging skeleton, a headless Templar or a unicorn. You might meet these and other unusual passers-by on the evening of Saturday 11th January in the Old Prague.
  • 6. 1. 2014 Iranian Film Festival
    From 8th to 12th January, visitors to the Světozor and Bio Oko cinemas will have the opportunity to view more than twenty films and documentaries, the best of contemporary Iran.
  • 6. 1. 2014 Three-Kings’ Procession to Walk Through Prague
    On Epiphany Eve, Sunday 5th January, at 3.30 p.m., the Three Kings on live camels will come out of the gates of the Archbishop’s Palace in Hradčanské Square at 15.30. They will be accompanied by pages, old Czech folk and carollers of the Three-King’s Collection. The Archbishop of Prague Cardinal Dominik Duka OP will bless the procession.
  • 6. 1. 2014 Three King’s Voyage to Ferryman Punch
    On Monday, 6th January 2014 at noon, hardy water enthusiasts will make a voyage to the ferryman punch. At noon sharp, three kings from these hardies will then jump from the boat together with twenty-seven colleagues.
  • 30. 12. 2013 The Largest Open Air Festival to Return to Riverside
    United Islands – Prague’s largest festival – is scheduled for 19th to 21st June 2014. Last year it was transferred to Ladronka Park due to floods that affected parts of Střelecký Island, Kampa, Petřín and Kinski Garden. However, this year’s event is planned to be held at its original location by the river.
  • 30. 12. 2013 New Year Celebrations in the Heart of Prague
    The New Year celebrations will transform the Old Town Square into a massive dance floor. Christmas market organisers have prepared a rich and varied music programme for the public; children can also look forward to some magic and tricks.
  • 20. 12. 2013 Last Market in 2013
    On Saturday, 28th December 2013, the Archetyp company will draw to a close the season of the last market to be held on Jiřák this year. The event will be open until 6 p.m. and visitors will be entertained by two bands.
  • 20. 12. 2013 Mayor Will Pour Soup on Christmas Day
    As with many years previously this year, the organisers of the biggest markets in the Czech Republic have prepared this traditional event. Like in years past, the hot steaming delicious fish soup will be served to the visitors of the Old Town and Wenceslas Squares. The soup will be served to visitors by Mayor Tomáš Hudeček on Christmas Day, between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.
  • 20. 12. 2013 Nativity Scenes at Prague Churches
    Many Prague churches exhibit Nativity scenes during Christmas festivities. The second year of the project called Betlémy 2013 (Nativity scenes 2013) is supposed to be even more interesting. The Archdiocese of Prague issued a brochure about history of the Nativity scenes and their opening times including on Sunday services.
Celkový počet: more than 235
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