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  • 27. 11. 2013 CNN Recommends Prague for Holiday
    American news broadcasting station CNN included Prague among the ten cities, where you can spend a wonderful winter holiday. Apart from Prague, it recommends Salzburg, Norwegian Tromsö, Amsterdam, Nagano, Reykjavík, Berlin, Ottawa, Washington and Edinburgh.
  • 27. 11. 2013 Christmas Tree Made it to Prague
    At night, from Monday to Tuesday, the Old Town Square was graced by a most handsome Christmas tree. Now it just needs to be decorated so that on 30th November it will be lit.
  • 26. 11. 2013 Hardies’ Swimming Season
    Not only skiers, but also those who enjoy swimming in cold water are looking forward to this year’s season, all the more because it is the 90th season of the outdoor winter swimming in Prague.
  • 25. 11. 2013 THE FIRST CHRISTMAS MARKET: Started on Míru Square
    The market is open right until Christmas Day and offers a culture programme.
  • 22. 11. 2013 Reminiscence on the Unique Fountain from Brussels
    The National Technical Museum celebrates the 85th birthday of an artist Dana Hlobilová and is going to hold an exhibition - Fountain Recovered. Dana Hlobilová is an author of the glass fountain which embellished a part of interior at the World Exposition EXPO 58 in Brussels.
  • 22. 11. 2013 Cinderella Will light up the Christmas Tree
    This year, the ceremonial lighting of the Christmas tree at the Christmas market, held on Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square in Prague, will be immersed in a fairy-tale spell. The richly decorated, twenty-metre tall tree will be lit on Saturday, 30th November 2013, by the most famous Czech Cinderella actress – Libuše Šafránková.
  • 21. 11. 2013 Experience a Night like a Homeless Person
    Last year, the inhabitants of Ostrava had the opportunity to experience a night outside the way homeless people do. This year, Praguers have the same opportunity. The Night Outside starts on Thursday 21st November 2013 on the grounds of The Church of the Virgin Mary of the Snow in Jungmannovo Square in the centre of Prague.
  • 20. 11. 2013 The International Christmas Festival
    The International Christmas Festival of the Diplomatic Spouses Association (DSA), offering Christmas presents from all over the world, is held on 24th November at The Hilton.
  • 19. 11. 2013 Christmas Tip: DesignSUPERMARKET 2013
    This year’s selection of young talents presented at the pre-Christmas DesignSUPERMARKET will be held under the auspices of Liběna Rochová, Jan Čapek and Veronika Ruppert. The event takes place in Kafka’s House from 4th to 8th December 2013.
  • 15. 11. 2013 Spa on Boat in Podskalí
    Architectonic studio the H3T Architects is about to launch a pilot project called (A)void Floating Gallery at the Rašínovo nábřeží. The Spa on Boat will offer a Finish style sauna with a view of Hradčany. Its capacity is 20 people and its facilities include an indoor and outdoor relaxation area. The (A)void boat can be found at the shore (Náplavka) by the tram stop Výtoň.
Celkový počet: more than 235
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