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  • 24. 2. 2014 Saint Patrick’s Day Celebrations in 2014
    Prague will be celebrating Saint Patrick’s day for a seventeenth time. Caffrey’s Irish Bar and the James Joyce Prague’s Cosy Irish Pub will be the main points of the festivities between 14th and 17th March 2014.
  • 21. 2. 2014 Tibetan New Year in Prague
    On 1st March, Czech Buddhist Community led by the civic association Dzogčhen, which is the main organizer, celebrates the Tibetan New Year with a big Prague festival destined for general public at the New Town Hall.
  • 20. 2. 2014 October Event to Put in Your Diary – Signal Festival
    The premiere year of the light festival Signal in Prague was a big surprise not only for visitors but also for organisers. Signal festival became the biggest culture event in the Czech Republic, visited by 250,000 people from different parts of the Czech Republic and the world.
  • 18. 2. 2014 Mardi Gras Celebrations in Prague 2014
    This year’s Masopust celebrations, i.e. Shrove Tuesday of Mardi Gras celebrations falls on the end of February and beginning of March. Most celebrations will take place on 1st March. Here is an overview of the most interesting ones in Prague.
  • 17. 2. 2014 Holiday World Offers Also Local Destinations
    Holiday World (22nd – 23rd February), the biggest travelling festival in Central Europe, will introduce not only international but also local holiday and travel destinations.
  • 14. 2. 2014 Náplavka Farmers’ Market Opens its 5th Season
    Náplavka Farmers’ Market (at the Vltava on Rašín Embankment between Palackého Bridge and the Railway Bridge in Výtoň, Prague 2) opens its fifth season on Saturday 15th February 2014.
  • 11. 2. 2014 Evening Walks to Hear Hooting Owls
    Prague Woods organizes another edition of evening walks through Prague woods to hear and maybe even see mysterious owls. The walks are aimed at both adults and children. The first one is held on 24th February, others will follow in the first half of March.
  • 7. 2. 2014 Twentieth Anniversary of Carnival Břevnov
    Carnival (Masopust) revelry will kick into high gear in Prague on Saturday 22nd February 2014. The parade will be unleashed from Clam-Gallas Palace and will be led by representatives of Břevnov Masopust and members of the Association of Břevnov Traders.
  • 6. 2. 2014 9th Spanish Film Festival in Prague
    The Spanish film festival La Película (18th – 23rd February 2014 in the Světozor, Prague) presents the best of contemporary Spanish spoken cinematography.
  • 30. 1. 2014 Audience Selected Winners of Czech Press Photo 2013
    Audience awards are the last awards given at the Czech Press Photo competition and it is the exhibition visitors who make decisions. There were two awards granted this year due to an additional video section. The best photo award was received by Tomáš Adamec and the best video won by Šíma – Šibík duo.
Celkový počet: more than 235
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