“Simplified rules for performing artists in public squares is already the third request of Prague initiatives that has been met in effort to make Prague City Hall more open. We thus fulfill another promise out of those that we gave to the inhabitants of Prague,“ says the Mayor of Prague Bohuslav Svoboda as a reminder of the so called. „Six Steps Towards More Open City Hall,“ which had been sent to Prague City Hall by the indiciators of Listopadová Výzva and Pražské Fórum. The City is gradually fulfilling individual steps.

The recommendations for performing artists are as follows: public production should be a live one carried out by the maximum of four people and not exceeding 120 minutes and 45 decibels. Street artists should not use stages and should restrain from production after 9 p.m..

Performances also should not be held in the vicinity of schools in the times of instruction, in cemeteries or children’s playgrounds or at churches before, during or right after the service. These recommendations do not apply for busking in some places in the city centre, such as the Old Town Square and Charles Bridge.

For the complete text of Recommendations for Public Production – Busking in Public Squares in the City of Prague is available here (available only in Czech).