Two years on display

The Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague is going to show outstanding Art Nouveau pieces at the Municipal House until 31st December 2015. The unusually long period of the exhibition is due to the fact that the building on street 17. listopadu is going to undergo some repairs. Art masterpieces will be on display including names such as Toulouse-Lautrec, Kotěra, Tiffany, Gočár, Galle, Mucha, van der Velde, Daum, Sucharda, Chéret, Anýž, Hoffmann, Olbrich, G. & E. Spitzer, Bílek, Oliva, Hansal, Marold, Drtikol…

Art Nouveau – historical revolution

The aim of the exposition is to show Art Nouveau arts and crafts not only as part of the cutting edge forward-looking trends and emancipation efforts of the late 19th century but also as a reformist art movement striving for “the multiplication and intensification of life”. The exposition is going to focus on Art Nouveau aesthetic in terms of modern artists’ ambitions as well as the new zest for life that affected the whole of society. Masterpieces of decorative arts from the famous Paris World´s Fair 1900 will be on display, and other works influenced by the various currents of thought popular at the time (such as the theories of Vitalism and Spiritism), as well as the formal and stylistic innovations in glassware, ceramics and furniture. Other areas will cover the radical changes in life style as reflected in interior design, the visual style of poster art and fashion.

Step toward modern exhibitions

Visitors will be able to try self-service multimedia tablets presentations which will expand on information to selected items on display such as their creators and the period context. The presentation will also offer 3D scans of Art Nouveau objects that were produced in the framework of the Partage Plus European project, along with online access to digitized foundations for European Art Nouveau art on the Europeana portal, drawn from the collections of prominent European institutions.

A comprehensive and representative catalogue will be issued to accompany the exposition, and it will feature some 400 exhibited items.