Return of tradition

“Hábl’s monotypes follow the ancient tradition of veiling artwork during Lent and dynamic alternation of paintings in churches depending on liturgical seasons or holidays. This concept of artistic intervention is part of this year’s Popelec Umělců, which starts on Wednesday 13th February at 5.30 p.m. with a musical performance entitled "Echoes of Stone" by Clarinet Factory and Alan Vitouš in the Baroque refectory of the Dominican Convent of St. Giles,“ said the spokesperson of Prague Archbishopric  Aleš Pištora. The event will continue at 7 p.m. in the St. Salvator Church with an Ash Wednesday service, celebrated by Mons. Tomáš Halík, with music accompaniment by Clarinet Factory and the organist Robert Hugo. At 8.30 p.m. the opening of an exhibition of Lent paintings by Patrik Hábl will be held in the sacristy.

New art with old roots

“Patrik Hábl’s concept is a radical one. Christian iconography disappears as if someone waved a magic wand, celestial broadcasting switches to another programme. Yet an informed observer knows, that it is not quite true. Perhaps he recalls the famous Děčín altarpiece by the king of Romantic painters Caspar David Friedrich", said the curator Norbert Schmidt. Patrik Hábl commented as follows: “I consider the opportunity of a space realization for St. Salvator Church an immense life challenge. In an unobtrusive and sophisticated way, this intervention should draw attention to what we have become accustomed to and ask the question whether we are willing to accept something new as well."

Art against trivialization

“Our parish has a great number of various artists, but we also invite artists who are not practising believers, as we believe that the world of faith and the world of art are essentially close one to the other – both use symbols as their form of expression and they have always accompanied one another. What is more, in today’s world, religion and art can be allies in the fight against the trivialization of the world, against the world’s superficiality," explained Tomáš Halík, priest from the parish of Most Holy Salvator.