On the south side of Karlovo náměstí near Resslova street a giant bubble machine will be in operation until autumn.

It looks like a strange pulley system with a solar panel, but its main function is to break the daily routine of passers by in the biggest square in Prague.

“By pulling people away from their stereotypical day I want to awaken their minds and provoke them with my creation to either thought or apathy, if apathy becomes a reaction and indifference an opinion,” says Vilém Frič.

The 29-year-old artist has worked on the Bubble Machine for the past few months. Assistance in the realisation of the project came not only from Czech bubble-blower Matěj Kodeš, but also from experts on solar panels. Over five metres tall and weighing about 300 kilograms, the kinetic steel sculpture is powered by photovoltaic cells. The bubbles are created from a special ecological soap solution.