For parents, children and teachers

The narrative exhibition lasts until 15th March 2015 and offers an unusual experience and makes you realize how much we still do not know. The exhibition offers great tips for trips all over the Czech Republic. Education programmes are organized for schools, seminars for teachers and Saturday programmes for families with children. There are also free worksheets available for children. For more detailed information for parents and teachers, visit

One-thousand-year history in a nutshell

The entrance to the exhibition is impressive, as the visitors are presented with the medieval gate from Karlštejn, which shows how conquerors tried to break it. Other exhibits include the the grille from the well at Jindřichův Hradec chateau, St. Maur reliquary or paintings by Master Theodorik. In contrast, there are also such exhibits as Benz automobile that belonged to Prince Karel V of Schwarzenberg from the year 1913 from Orlík Chateau, mechanical vacuum cleaner from the chateau in Hluboká, portrait of Mechtilda Lichnovská by Oskar Kokoschka from the chateau in Hradec nad Moravicí, or the will written by President T. G. Masaryk. It is hard to say which of the more than six hundred exhibits is the most impressive.

A guide has been published, whose editor is the author of the exhibition, Petr Pavelec. It costs 90 CZK and is available at the Prague Castle Riding School’s ticket office, just like other publications published by the National Heritage Institute (in the Czech and English version).