The ART INVEST Holding, in co-operation with the Municipal House and with the support of the City of Prague, is preparing an exhibition of original posters by Alfons Mucha from Ivan Lendl’s unique collection. The exhibition is scheduled for next spring and will be the world’s premiere on such a large scale.

Ivan Lendl accepted

“We managed to do something amazing – persuade Ivan Lendl, to lend us, for the first time ever, his complete collection of original posters by the outstanding  Art-Nouveau painter from the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century, Alfons Mucha. We are proud that we can show these works to everyone,“ said Pavel Zíka, the owner of ART INVEST Holding.

Possibly all the posters

Alfons Mucha created over one hundred advertising posters, however, the exact number is not known. The collection of the former tennis player and a Czech patriot Ivan Lendl numbers 116 of these, it is therefore very likely that he owns most of the posters. The former top sportsperson is a great Mucha enthusiast and connoisseur. So far, the complete collection has only been exhibited in his house in the USA.