See some unpublished documents

In its Small Gallery (exhibition of Architecture, Construction and Design), the National Technical Museum (NTM) has prepared an exhibition, which is open from 22nd October 2014 to 11th October 2015. The exhibition presents the bridge that connects Pankrác Plain and the south-east part of Prague with the city centre and which, with its straight line, spans Nusle Valley. Today, the bridge is busy with car traffic and one of the underground lines. The exhibition also presents unpublished documents about its origin.

Bridge and Czech artists

The bridge was built between the years 1967 and 1973, following the project of Stanislav Hubička and his team and in 1974, the first underground train went through the bridge tube. The construction of prestressed ferroconcrete still receives awards for its timeless and elegant forms and the originality of the construction solution. What is relatively unknown is the participation of a number of famous artists in the artistic rendering surrounding the bridge.