The exhibition entitled Open the Garden of Eden, Benedictines in the Heart of Europe 800-1300, will definitely not be extended because the loan period for the exhibits is limited. They come from seven European countries and are basically the best that can be collected that concerns this theme. The exhibition contains some two hundred and fifty exhibits from all over the Czech Republic and another six countries which documents the material and spiritual culture of Central Europe.

By means of selected exhibits from the areas of applied art, sculpture, book illustrations and architecture, the exhibition presents the highly spiritual and artistic culture of the Benedictine order in Central Europe in the early Middle Ages. The emphasis is also on the history of Central European countries in the early Modern period, stressing the indispensable role of the Benedictine order during this era.

The exhibition is held by the National Gallery in Prague, in co-operation with the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and Charles University in Prague, supported by the Metropolitan Chapter of St. Vitus in Prague, National Museum and Prague Castle Administration. The expenses connected with the exhibition amount to over 11 million CZK, a substantial part of which is the insurance of the exhibits. There is also a varied programme of accompanying events consisting of lectures, guided tours and workshops. For more information, visit