The Vltavan Association, originally an association supporting swimmers from Podskalí which also engages in educational and social activities, has received a number of donations of works of arts with significant iconographic value over almost one hundred and fifty years of its existence.

Every admirer of Prague will be happy to see documents recalling the former glory of Podskalí and views of what the banks of the Vltava looked like in the past. Few know today that the place used to be Mejzlíkárna or that the river just a few steps from Podskalí Custom House used to be very busy even in the 20th century. All this is depicted in some thirty oil paintings. The exhibition also shows banners of the oldest association in the Czech Republic.

The exhibits from the Vltavan archives are exhibited with the contribution of the Prague City Museum. Since the archives hide a number of gems, these will gradually appear at the exhibition. For more information, click here.