On 29th August, on the day when the king of pop Michael Jackson would celebrate his 52 birthday, the monument dedicated to his person is planed to be unveiled not far from the Metronom. On the same day, Czech fans will also attempt to break the recent Mexican record in soloist dancers. About 14 thousand people are expected to arrive to Letná.  

No to bronze, as it could be stolen

The two-meter high column showing scenes from the life of M. Jackson is reminiscent of classical emperor’s columns. It will be topped by the sculpture of the singer wearing his characteristic outfit that looks like a hussar uniform. The monument should commemorate the 1996 show, which launched Jackson’s world tour History.

Designer of the monument Daniela Kartáková has in the past worked on medals commemorating Pope Jan Pavel II and Czech ex-president Václav Havel amongst many other projects. “Originally we intended to make the sculpture from bronze, but because this material often gets stolen, we opted for resin with bronze patina,” said Kartáková. 

Missing finances

“The monument’s cost should amount to CZK 140 thousand, and we have so far collected CZK 40 thousand,” said Helena Babická, the main organiser of the project and co-owner of the Prague Museum of Legends. The sculptor and other people involved in the project are all working for free; the monument is financed purely by M. Jackson’s fans.

“We welcome every donation, but don’t intend for our project to be used for any kind of advertisement,” said Babická. Detail information on the project’s financing can be found at www.michaeljacksonmemorial.cz

On Letná not for ever

The organisers have already obtained all the necessary permits that allow them to place the monument on Letná. However, after the Blanka tunnels are finished, they will strive for the sculpture to be relocated to the place where the Jackson’s gig actually took place.

“We thought about it already the beginning of the project, and hope to be able to move the sculpture when it is possible,” said Babická. The project is supported by Prague 7 and Mayor Pavel Bém, even though he doesn’t listen to Jackson.