The Javan leopard is a leopard subspecies. However, it differs from the leopard in a number of characteristic features. Some scientists believe that it should be categorized as a separate species.

Waiting for a partner

“Arjuna, which is the new leopard’s name, arrived from Berlin and at the moment is living alone in Prague. Understandably, our objective is to reproduce these beautiful and endangered leopards. We want to obtain a partner for Arjuna right from Asia,“ said the Director of Prague Zoo Miroslav Bobek.

Only a hundred

In nature, the Javan leopard is only found on the island of Java. According to some data, there is only less than one hundred Javan leopards living in the wild. Similarly to other leopards, it is extremely adaptable and can survive in open shrubby landscape as well as dense forests. The remaining forests on Java only occupy an area the size of the Karlovy Vary Region. For a leopard in the wild, the biggest danger is the loss of its natural habitat and direct hunting associated with the increase of the human population. Javan leopards can also have black colour.