The Baroque palace is located in Charles Street in one of the most prominent places of Old Prague city, right by the Charles Bridge. It was built on Roman and Gothic foundations, Renaissance buildings now count amongst the outstanding examples of Prague’s palace architecture.

In the past, the palace has been owned by many outstanding personalities such as the Earl Jáchym Ondřej Šlik, who was executed for participating on the Bohemian Estates Uprising. Other owners include Jesuit order, Saxon Prince-elector, the cruel Earl Breda or Pavel Jindřich, the Prince Mansfeld-Fondi.

Guided tours

The guided tour aims to show what the building looked like in the time of its transformation.

In the course of fifteen stops, visitors will be introduced to the most characteristic components of the palace as well as to the results of the building, historical and renovation surveys. Other than that, they will learn about its past owners as well as about its past social and cultural life and find out what the Prague City Gallery plans for the future..

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