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  • 5. 9. 2012 Forman Brothers Theatre Stays on the Vltava for Indian Summer
    The Mystery Boat, which was anchored at its usual location at the waterfront below Rašínovo Embankment between Palackého Bridge and the railway bridge during the summer, heaves the anchor again!
  • 8. 8. 2012 Once Again Letní Letná Brings New Circus to Prague
    The festival Letní Letná (Summer Letná) held between 19th August and 2nd September in Letná Park opens its arms not only to New Circus fans but also to young families with children.
  • 26. 7. 2012 Wonderful Circus Is Coming Back
    Like every season, this summer Laterna magika casts its welcoming spell on visitors at the New Stage of the National Theatre. In the second half of August you can visit the legendary performance Wonderful Circus which has recently celebrated 35 years of being part of the programme.
  • 26. 7. 2012 Let’s Dance Festival with Oriental Rhythms
    One of the popular summer festivals in Prague is Let’s Dance Prague International Festival, which will be held for the seventh time from July 26th to 29th. It offers dance seminars for beginners and advanced dancers, as well as a wide range of accompanying events, attracting enthusiasts of all dance styles.
  • 5. 6. 2012 Cirk La Putyka Invites You to a Huge Big-top in Letná
    The Cirk La Putyka ensemble, in cooperation with the International festival of new circus and theatre “Letní Letná”, has prepared a rich circus programme for the whole of June, to take place in a newly-erected big-top in Letná. Under the project title “ChapiteauX” (read “the new place in the city”), taking place under the patronage of the Mayor of Prague, Bohuslav Svoboda, the people of Prague have a chance to see all of Cirk La Putyka’s performances.
  • 1. 6. 2012 Prague Fringe Festival Attracts Theatres from the Whole World
    Eight theatres, two-hundred-fifty performances and literally hundreds of performers from almost twenty counties worldwide. That is how this year’s Prague Fringe Festival can be described, it will be held between 1st and 9th June at Lesser Town. As in previous years, the 11th year brings the cream of English spoken theatre. Most of the performances can be seen in Theatre Na Prádle and Theatre Kampa.
  • 17. 5. 2012 DANCE PRAGUE 2012 with Ensembles and Artists from Eleven Countries
    The 24th International Festival of Contemporary Dance will feature ensembles and artists from eleven countries, mostly between 4th and 29th June.
  • 17. 5. 2012 Mystery Boat Lifts Anchor Again
    After a one-year break, the unique theatre – the Forman Brothers’ Loď Tajemství (Mystery Boat) will plow the waters of the two largest Czech rivers.
  • 10. 5. 2012 Festival Child in Dlouhá
    The Child in Dlouhá festival offers a selection of the most interesting plays for children that were recently created in professional theatres outside of Prague.
  • 16. 4. 2012 Prague Moves Together With Contemporary Dance Festival
    The Contemporary Dance and Movement Festival, now in its 18th year, will be held in four of Prague’s theatres between 13th and 16th April. The organisers aim to artistically entwine the mysteries of dance and movement with other visual arts, music and literature. The event features not only twelve theatre performances but also workshops, Zrní band gig, a photographic exhibition and the Atelier of Dance Reading.
Celkový počet: more than 102
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