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Celkový počet: more than 99
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  • 28. 2. 2012 New Circus La Putyka Is Here!
    Mozart’s sonatas and German slapstick silent comedies were vigorously combined together by Cirk La Putyka to create a new Slapstick Sonata performance. Visual poetry interacts with absurd physical comedy in the piece, which was directed by the legend of European New Cirques Maksim Komaro. Slapstick Sonata has lots to offer, from flying bodies and clowns’ pranks to live music, dance and singing.
  • 28. 2. 2012 Karlín Attracts Actors as Well as Audiences
    Karlín musical theatre is one of the theatrical venues that is enjoying unprecedented interest. It offers the best, and this is reflected in attendance figures. We put a few questions to Theatre Director Egon Kulhánek.
  • 16. 2. 2012 Theatre: Festival Small Inventory is coming back for the tenth time
    Festival Small Inventory will celebrate its tenth anniversary from 21st to 29th February.
  • 14. 2. 2012 FESTIVAL: Cirkus Cirkus in Hagibor
    A cat trainer, ventriloquist, juggler-gentleman and others will compete at the third edition of the festival of circus art 'Cirkus Cirkus'.
  • 16. 10. 2011 Festival 4 + 4 Days in Motion Will Set Prague in Motion
    Between the 15th and 22nd October, Prague will buzz to the tune of 4 + 4 Days in Motion festival. This year the international festival of performing arts will be introducing a fantastic line up of progressive international dance and theatre ensembles. Apart from that, the event offers a great exhibition called Happiness prepared by 23 Czech curators in the building of former Centre for Folk Art Production at Národní třída along with other projects by interesting Czech artists.
  • 3. 8. 2011 French Ensemble Malabar Will Open Letní Letná (Summer Letná )
    Free performance will launch 14 days of theatre marathon on 21st August.
  • 27. 7. 2011 Lávka River Stage Festival Is Coming Back to Charles Bridge
    For the second time this summer, Prague will host the Lávka River Stage 2011 Festival. Club Lávka under Charles Bridge and the nearby lagoon will present mingle of classical ballet, opera, street theatre and light show between 31st July and 30th August.
  • 27. 7. 2011 Let’s Dance Prague International Festival
    The international dance festival Let’s Dance 2011 starts in a few days. Despite its six-year-old tradition, the festival will present a number of innovations, one for each year.
  • 19. 7. 2011 Czech Premier of Kings of the Sun Gala Ballet
    Project coming to the National Theatre 4th August
  • 14. 7. 2011 Shakespeare Open Air in the Piazzeta of the National Theatre
    From 17th to 22nd July 2011, Prague will host an important international event: The 9th World Shakespeare Congress. One of the co-organizers of the event is the National Theatre, which will host a number of lectures and festival meetings in its historical building as well as in the Estates Theatre.
Celkový počet: more than 99
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