The Czech Republic is located in a moderate climatic belt, so natural fires, hurricanes and tornadoes are rare.

If a problem arises there are two emergency numbers you can use

112 – the universal emergency number which will connect you to police, fire and ambulance services. This number can even be called from a mobile phone without credit or a SIM card. The operator, who can give advice in foreign languages, will be able to determine your present location.

150 – the emergency number for fire services on which the caller can report a fire in a building, a car, a forest or other structure, or request assistance to free a person trapped in a crashed car, collapsed building or under a fallen tree, who seems to be uninjured.

Shout: Fire!

If a situation requires the intervention of fire-fighters, don’t try to deal with it yourself. Always call the emergency number, protect your health and the lives of any accident victims and stay in a safe place. You can warn other people of the danger by shouting “Fire!”

In the event of a natural catastrophe the local authorities take charge of the situation. In the case of any danger or extreme crisis, residents are warned by a “General Alert” signal. This signal takes the form of a variable siren tone for a duration of 140 seconds and may be sounded three times in succession at an interval of about three minutes. Residents are then informed e.g. by radio, television, local broadcast via so-called talking sirens, integrated emergency service vehicles or other means, of what has happened and what they should do under the circumstances.