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  • 3. 4. 2014 Former Steam-powered Mill in Holešovice in Service Again
    A former steam-powered mill, built in the early 20th century, has been transformed into an administrative centre. The first part of the building, known as Classic 7, is already 80% rented out. The second part of the mill, connected by a bridge to the original building, is half taken.
  • 3. 4. 2014 Easter Project in Prague City Museum
    Just like every year, Prague City Museum has prepared an eventful programme for Easter time in its central building as well as in Ctěnice Chateau. On Easter Monday, the central building will be open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Ctěnice Chateau and Podskalská Custom House in Výtoň from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Prague Towers will be open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • 2. 4. 2014 Treasure Found in Modřany Goes to Museum
    Gold and silver coins that were discovered during excavations in Modřany have a new owner. It is the Prague City Museum.
  • 2. 4. 2014 BIKES ON TRAMS: You Can transport Bikes during Mornings and Before Noon
    Trial operation aims to enhance city transport in the direction from the centre.
  • 2. 4. 2014 National Gallery Reduced Admission Fee
    For the spring season 2014, the National Gallery in Prague prepared a simplified and reduced admission fee to Veletržní Palace. The palace houses an extensive collection of modern and contemporary art. As of 1st April 2014, the admission to the whole of Veletržní Palace is only 200 CZK.
  • 1. 4. 2014 Block Cleaning to Start Soon – Watch Out for Fines
    The spring has come and it brings with it block cleaning. The roads in the centre of Prague will be cleaned in several phases. The first critical moment in Prague 1 is at the weekend of 12th and 13th April.
  • 31. 3. 2014 Cycle-buses and Cycle-trains Set Off
    The beginning of tourist season presents a bigger challenge for the Prague Integrated Transport and so it will start increasing its resources especially in sought after locations.
  • 31. 3. 2014 Easter Passion Plays in St. Vitus Cathedral
    For the first time, passion plays will be presented in St. Vitus Cathedral. An adapted version of Hořice Passion will be performed on Palm Sunday, 13th April, at 3 p.m. by three actors – Otakar Brousek Jr., Nela Boudová and Jakub Gottwald. There will also be music by Jaroslav Krček sung by Chorea Bohemica choir. Director: Václav Lautner.
  • 31. 3. 2014 Prague Card simplifies Sightseeing and Travel in Prague
    Prague Card, so far mainly used by foreign tourists, also offers unlimited free travel on Prague’s public transport. A three-day Prague Card costs an equivalent of 58 EUR and provides entry to 50 cultural establishments, among other things.
  • 31. 3. 2014 Festival of Light Signal Inspired Regions
    Festival Signal attracted about 250 thousand visitors to Prague with its spectacular light installations, videomapping and other light plays. It has also inspired the project CZECH THE LIGHT, which will boost some other cities and culminate in the Signal project.
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