Chain carousels, Ferris wheels, shooting ranges, spooky castles, bumper cars and roller coasters are awaiting all the lovers of the classic fair fun. Adrenaline enthusiasts will also be able to test their courage on large modern technical attractions. These include, for example, a seventy-meter tall “Extreem“ swing or a 90-meter free fall ride “FREIER FALL”. The new Czech addition “Avengers” bench, with moving seats and accompanying fire and water effects, will make its debut.

The Prague St. Matthew’s Fair also includes a charitable event. The Day for the Disabled, which is dedicated to disabled children, children from orphanages and refugee homes. This year it will take place on Monday, March 19, when all the attractions for these children will be free.

Tradition of the St. Matthew’s Pilgrimage
The annual fair has its roots in the historic pilgrimages for the occasion of the celebration of St. Matthew, Prague's patron saint. The tradition of the fair goes all the way back in 1595 when it was first mentioned.

The fair took place in various locations in Prague, and since 1963 has found a permanent place on the premises of Výstaviště Praha – Holešovice (Prague Exhibition Grounds). This year marking the 55th years in this location.

It was said to be famous for being the first spring pilgrimage in Prague and the celebration of the feast of St. Matthew day that falls on 24 February. Matějská pouť (St. Matthew’s Fair) is the very first spring fair in Europe.