Therefore, Prague City Hall and the Czech Red Cross are to open a collection point in Mariánské Square in Prague 1, where people can bring their homemade masks. After sterilisation, volunteers will distribute them to senior citizens, medical facilities, hospitals and other areas where they are needed. The event starts on Thursday, the 26th of March.

You can bring your homemade masks to the Czech Red Cross tent in Marianské Square every day from 9am to 6pm. Only masks made from 100% cotton can be accepted. The masks should ideally not have elastic bands. The masks will then be sterilised in special machines, packaged and distributed to those in need.

“I am happy that we can use the best Czech qualities and engage hundreds of people and organisations to sew cloth masks. The Czech people are showing that they are able to handle even the most extraordinary events. Thank you very much for all your hard work. By the way, cloth masks perfectly fulfil the idea of a ​​functioning circular economy,” Petr Hlubuček, the Deputy Mayor for Security, said.

Wearing face masks effectively prevents the spread of COVID-19 and other infections. However, it is necessary to follow some basic guidelines: disposable masks cannot be worn more than once and need to be replaced after two hours maximum.Damp fabric masks must be washed in water, between 60 and 90 degrees celcius, and then ironed.

Prague City Hall has set up a website with more information about COVID-19 and the various measures in place. For details in Czech, visit: