“Prague is as safe as its inhabitants and tourists feel there. It turns out that targeted investments in the city's amenities, especially in the municipal police and in other security forces, are the right decision. The result of the analysis is a good testimonial for us,” says Deputy Mayor for Security Petr Hlubuček.

“The results of the survey must be approached with great humility. It is a commitment for us to work even harder for our beautiful metropolis. The work of municipal policemen, as well as police officers, firemen and rescuers is very demanding, responsible and often dangerous. They all deserve our recognition and admiration,” claims Eduard Šuster, CEO of Prague Municipal Police.

‘Safety Sensitivity Analysis’ follows a similar survey from three years ago and shows that the feeling of safety increased in all metropolitan areas. Even Prague 1, the area most exposed to tourism and nightlife, is not an exception. 3% more of its population claim to feel safer here than they did three years ago.

"Of course, the work does not stop here. We are currently trying to increase the number of municipal policemen in the streets. An important factor here is to motivate new candidates. That's why we recently asked the Minister for Labour and Social Affairs to increase the risk bonus for police officers. And, of course, we are planning other investments that will help to increase safety in the capital, "Deputy Mayor Hlubuček adds.

The public opinion survey was conducted, at the request of the Prague City Hall, by the company Ipsos. 1200 people responded to the survey, an increase from a similar analysis that was carried out in 2015. It indicates that Prague is ranked among the safest capital cities in the world among tourists.

 “I am delighted that the confidence of citizens in the Czech police is increasing over a long time period. The results of this survey demonstrate that the citizens of Prague trust their police department 10% more than the current nationwide average. It is an expression of the ability of the police in Prague to create safe spaces, fight crime, protect against the threat of terrorist attacks, and manage big security measures. I see this result as an appreciation of the everyday work of all policewomen and policemen in Prague,” explains the Director of Prague Police Headquarters, Jan Ptáček.