“Specifically, this involves assistance with in-site projects where every visitor to Prague Zoo contributes 3 CZK,” Petr Hlubuček, the Deputy Mayor of Prague, explained.

“We are providing Zoos Victoria with resources for emergency veterinary care and to help save the environment during this catastrophic situation”.

Miroslav Bobek, the Director of Prague Zoo, reminds us of Prague Zoo’s long-term cooperation with Australian zoos, “For example, we support the rescue of Tasmanian devils. We have now decided to give financial aid to Australia during this difficult period, as the fires threaten the animals and aggravate the situation of many unique species, which are already endangered. Moreover, we know from our own experience with the floods that assistance, no matter how minor, makes a great difference to those affected.”

The public can also donate through a public collection account.

“Anyone who offers even a small contribution to the fires in Australia and to the conservation of the fauna is greatly appreciated!” Director Bobek emphasized.