It is this very sense of hearing that brings acoustic information into our brain as early as in the period of intrauterine life, then after birth, also in our sleep or in unconsciousness. People can hear sounds that are out of their visual field, they can hear with their eyes closed. The loss of hearing separates one from the ‘world of people’ and it can lead to the sense of isolation, loneliness, and in its final result to change the personality of the affected individual.

It generally applies to any handicap that the later it happens the harder it is to cope with it. The same goes for people with hearing impairment. However, unlike the other handicaps, deafness paradoxically favours those who where affected in later age. It is very important whether the loss of hearing affected a child in its first months of life when the development of speech has not taken place yet, or at the age when it has already started to develop the ability to speak, or whether it was an adult who up to the time of losing their hearing could normally express his or her wishes and thoughts.

It is estimated that in the whole world there are around 600 million people who suffer from various levels of hearing loss. At present there are approximately half a million of them in the Czech Republic. There are seven and a half thousand among us who are profoundly deaf. These web pages are intended primarily for them. Here they can find information about activities of groups and associations run usually by people with the same handicap. They will find here also a list of restaurants and shops whose staff at least partially mastered sign language. We will as well offer insight into lives of those whose everyday companion is silence as well as interviews with specialists or up-to-date progresses in medicine. It is our aim that they at least by the means of this portal perceive Czech metropolis friendly to their handicap.