This illness was already known by the ancient civilizations: first records appear in the Ebers manuscript from the year 1500 BC. Its present-day name comes from Greek and Latin. Today we distinguish type 1 and type 2 diabetes. In the first case the body does not make any insulin at all and in the second case the body cannot make proper use of the insulin. Particularly about the second type, which usually appears after 40 years of age, the doctors say that it is the epidemic of 21 st century. People get this type of diabetes very often thanks to the comfortable lifestyle of today, minimal exercise and overconsumption of calorically substantial and rich in fat food.

Both the types are a very serious illness and the patients have to follow very specific dietary measures, do sports and at all follow what is today generally called a ‘healthy lifestyle”. Unfortunately insulin, either in the form of pills or injections which has to be given to the body, is a vital part of the treatment. Untreated diabetes leads to serious health complications or even to death.

Lifestyle adaptation, mainly in the area of meal-planning, varies considerably with diabetes. Selection of food must be more thorough, daily meal-plans must have variety and food must be consumed regularly. This can be a problem thanks to present day lifestyle. Most diabetics are dependent on restaurants or the choice in shops because of their workload – only few have the luck to be able to prepare suitable food themselves and according to their needs. Even though there are more and more diabetic groceries – the shops now offer about four types of sweetener – sometimes it can happen that an individuals find themselves in a situation when they must choose between less and worse evil than between what he can eat or not.

These sites are dedicated right for these people. They can find here everything which Prague currently offers to diabetics: what is the meal selection in the restaurants, the groceries selection in shops and where and what kinds of information there is for diabetics, how many consulting offices there are or if there exist communities in which diabetics can become members. The rest can find information about medical progress in this area or personal accounts of people suffering diabetes and how they live with it. Diabetics are without question people with handicap which limits them in certain aspects. Our goal is to lessen the limitations with help of these sites.