It is this type of woman, who is to a certain extent – at least according to birth rate statistics – responsible for a decrease in the birth rate two years ago. Today’s thirty years old women were blamed for careerism or dislike for starting a family and changing their comfortable lives without commitments. However, they were the women who started literally “bashing out” babies two years ago. What happened actually? Did they come to conclusion that career is nothing compared to 24hour shift in the kitchen? Or did they become aware of warning exclamation marks in media and take responsibility for the future population of our country? No. Simply they got the feeling that it was right time to have a baby.

However these modern mums, who were so used to going to work, to have a good time with their friends in the evenings, to do sports, to make trips at the weekends, will not give up their activities. As they love their children, they want to take them with them. Unfortunately they find out that it is not so easy all the time: Shall I give up coffee with my friend in a non- smoking Café only because they do not have a nursing corner? Or shall I sit in the corner and stand pretended unconcerned looks? Do I have to change the nappy on the lid of the toilet only because there is missing the most important thing in the room with the label “changing the baby” namely the desk for changing? Where do I find a place in Prague, where besides a glass for me there are going to also sell me a jar of baby food? Shall I risk a ride on the fast going escalators or helpfulness of passer-bys? Or shall I spend ten minutes searching for a lift with an uncertain result?

Such and many other questions we will try to answer on the following pages. Even though in this case we cannot talk about handicap in the right sense of the word, the most of mothers when walking out with their babies or toddlers have a completely opposite feeling. For times are changing for the better, still our mothers, compared with the ones from Western Europe are very often left a bitter feeling of social handicap. Our aim is to minimize it as much as possible here in Prague.