Four days and nights

Mixed teams of disabled and able-bodied cyclists will set off on a 2222 km bike race across the Czech Republic and Slovakia to make it quite clear that they can work together as a team, even in extreme circumstances. The competition runs non-stop for four days and four nights. Opel Handy Cyklo Marathon 2014 follows on from its predecessor last year. The competition takes place with the support of Prague City Hall.

Giving courage for a return to active life

“Through this competition we aim to unite, and also open up the public and draw attention to the work of rehabilitation institutes, spinal units and specialist centres in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We will be travelling around 24 of them. Many institutes are organising special programmes, sports days or open days. It’s also important to encourage people who are convalescing there, to motivate them and give them energy and courage to do sports and other activities after returning to everyday life,” said disabled sportsman Heřman Volf, director of Handy Cyklo Marathon, who created the project.

A competition for everyone

You can follow the up-to-date progress in real time on an interactive map on the website The 111 hour marathon is open to anyone who wants to try something new. There are no performance limits or other restrictions. This year’s event has attracted thirty teams, 230 cyclists, amateur and professional, disabled and able-bodied, blind people, amputees and wheelchair users.

“Through this competition we want to show the public that interaction with disabled people isn’t a science, or even a discipline intended for doctors or therapists. The Opel Handy Cyklo Maraton is about friendship, about breaking down barriers and established clichés. It’s about teamwork, motivation and help for those who want and need help,” said the initiator of the project, Heřman Volf, in conclusion.

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