A wheelchair is destiny. Some people are born with it, some people become confined to it in a second. An accident, an unhappy moment and one begins a different and completely new life. One becomes a disabled person from many reasons, but there is one thing everybody has in common: they have to live with it and struggle with the world around them every day.

Prague is the biggest city in the republic and it has also the highest population of disabled people. There are about 20 thousand of them living in the country. That might be also one of the reasons why there are the best barrier-free arrangements here. We have barrier-free pavements, theatres, WC, accesses to institutions. Prague and its city districts invest considerable financial resources for creating new barrier-free environments every year. Nevertheless, also here we have something to make up for: especially public transportation is falling behind, then the old Prague housing developments are not coping with barrier-free demands very well and Praguers themselves make complicated lives for disabled people even more so when parking on their reserved places.

On the following pages disabled people should find all the available barrier-free facilities in our capital: whether they are offices, sport and cultural institutions, sights or transportation. The rest of you will get to know what life on the wheelchair is about, without having the feeling that you have missed something.