There are many foreigners working in our country. A lot of them are in employment. We cannot say that all of them come from the countries outside the EU. In the Czech Republic many people from Eastern Europe are labourers or building site workers. However, along with them there is a high number of Slovak and Polish labourers and these are already in the EU.

On the other hand, you can meet a large enclave of South –East and East Asian citizens in Prague. Most of them are business people who started their businesses with market stalls and now they are gradually moving to so called stone shops. But not all Ukrainians or Russians, who are also numerous in our capital, work as cleaners and building site workers. Many of them carry on businesses such as real estate agencies or their own building subsupplier companies. There are equally thousands of West European and American citizens working in Prague. It is true that the majority of them work for supranational companies which settled in the Czech Republic but there are also business people and small traders among these, who e.g. make their living as teachers of foreign languages. We must not forget to mention that after the accession of the Czech Republic to the EU, our door is wide open for business activities of non-residents, mainly those coming from the EU states. These have basically the same rights and duties as Czech Citizens.