People in the wheelchairs: For a wheelchair bound person, the easiest way to get around Prague is by means of city public transport. Apparently, the fastest and most comfortable way to move from one place to another is metro – while the entrance to trains is wheelchair accessible, the access to the stations is still in approximately 10% cases impossible without the help of others. On the directory boards of Prague's underground transport system, the wheelchair accessible stations are marked with a pictogram of a wheelchair. At those stations, lifts and wheelchair ramps are at your disposal (to find them follow the arrows with a pictogram of a wheelchair).  Ninety percent of Prague's metro stations are wheelchair accessible. At the remaining ten percent you will have to use an alternative system. Besides metro, there are also low-floor buses lines of standard connections. These buses are equipped with a hinged wheelchair ramp placed by the middle doors, which enables the wheelchair to get on. In timetables, low-floor buses with this adjustment are marked with a pictogram of a wheelchair. In addition to this there are two special buses in Prague for wheelchair bound people. You will find their route here.

The blind:
Buses are equipped with an attending and information system for the blind, including announcing the stops. Trams are equipped with special receivers for the blind, which, with the help of remote controllers, enable the passengers to activate external announcement that provides them with information on the tram number and its direction (the final stop). The same device enables the blind to confirm to the driver their interest and entering the tram. An innovation is the introduction of information cards for people with visual impairment at stops of aboveground transport. Cards with information in Braille on the name of the stop, the tram numbers and their directions are placed on the right side of the stop signs.