The capital of Prague, its council and other city authorities ascribe great importance to the protection and care of the environment in the city as well as to providing quality data in order to make decisions and to inform the public. We believe you will find all the information you need. At the same time we welcome all comments and suggestions concerning these new pages.

Prague’s wildlife and landscape provide the living space for a number of species of fauna and flora, and simultaneously they provide a high quality environment for everyday life and recreational activities of the inhabitants as well as visitors. The city parks, historical gardens, woods, tree-lined avenues, areas of special protection, natural parks, and water courses create the unique spirit of the City and also contribute to its exceptional atmosphere. In the city of Prague you can find 88 protected areas of more than 2 200 ha, which cover about four percent of the entire city area. Big natural parks – there are eleven of them within Prague – make up another twenty percent.

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