Every household, no matter how big or small, every company, firm, shop, or restaurant…they all produce a lot of waste, which has to be “somehow” disposed of. An existing directive concerning waste clearly outlines what and how it should be sorted out, what organic waste actually is, and how to deal with various other kinds of waste. Citizens, housing associations, owners of properties, businessmen and traders, are obliged to ensure there are waste bins at their houses or companies, which means they must order and pay for regular waste disposal. There are various types of containers for individual waste. Rubbish collection is being administered by Prague City via rubbish collection firms (see below). If someone is not satisfied with their service they may file a complaint either at the Department of Hygiene of Prague Town Hall, or call the number of the firm written on the skip. Detailed information including the information when it is possible to file a complaint, may be found on web sites of Prague http://magistrat.Prague-mesto.cz/Jak-si-zaridit (available only in Czech).

Disposal of hazardous waste:

Residents of Prague may dispose of dangerous waste at any of the 22 permanent collection facilities.