It is probably almost certain that you will not be able to find anyone among Prague's residents and visitors who hasn't needed help from a qualified health care professional at least once in their life. Illnesses and health problems aren't found among the hills, but among people and one of the quality indicators of society is in how accessible services its health services are.

The capital city is laced with a broad network of health departments of all types. They are there for only one purpose and that is to serve the needs of Prague people and visitors to Prague.

Visitor to our portal have the opportunity to get to know the whole infrastructure of the health care in close detail, whether it be service providers, science and laboratory institutions, hygiene centers, chemists or even the technical basis of all Prague health systems.

Readers are also presented with information about a development of a new concept of health network in the capital city which will lead to easily accessible, functional and economically effective health care.

A service is also available where you can usw the help of other websites to connect to various servers offering up to date information on non-stop health services.