According to the gastronomy server, out of two thousand of Prague’s restaurants two hundred eight are non-smoking. Five years ago there were only thirty of such establishments. 

“Growth in the number of non-smoking restaurants is a visible trend but still not sufficient,” says the manager of, Jakub Šafránek. He adds that majority of restaurant managers solve the issue with a compromise solution offered by current law: separate sections for smokers and non-smokers. It is quite common is to prohibit smoking during lunch hours. Many restaurant managers are still cautious about a total prohibition on smoking during the evening hours. 

People agree with prohibition

According to the recent poll by Median agency, 70 % of citizens agree with the strict ban on smoking in restaurants, bars and other public spaces. Mainly women don’t wish to breathe cigarette smoke in restaurants and cafes. Ban on smoking is mainly supported by older generation, people older than 55, while people younger than 35 let wouldn’t welcome such a change.  

Restaurant managers are generally not in favour of the non-smoking establishments. According to MindBridge, almost 60 % disagree with ban on smoking and 24 % fear they would go bankrupt because of it.  President of the Association of Hotels and Restaurants Václav Stárka says that the ban would threaten mainly the existence of food establishments in smaller towns and villages.