On 1 January 2002 there was a reorganization of the Foreign and Border Police service. The largest organization of this service is the Directorate of the Foreign and Border Police, with republic-wide authority, which fully governs the newly created regional units – the Regional Directorates of the Foreign and Border Police.

For Prague and the Central Bohemian Region, the Prague Regional Directorate of the Foreign and Border Police was created, and is headquartered in Prague.

Its structure consists of sections of the department for the investigation and control of stays, departments of the Foreign Police in the districts, the Foreign Police office at the Prague Ruzyně airport, and other functional departments. These departments carry out tasks in the sector for permitting foreigner entry and stays within the Czech Republic, control of persons at foreign borders, and the discovery and documentation of illegal behavior associated with stays of foreigners within the Czech Republic, and they cooperate closely with other units of the Czech Republic Police within the given territory.