Conditions determining the long-term stay of foreigners in the Czech Republic are defined in a very exact way by the law. These conditions follow the rules listed in this law. It is known as the system of stays in the Czech Republic. The stays include temporary stays, short-term visa (less than 90 days) or long-term visa (more than 90 days) or transit visa. Otherwise the law defines the conditions of who receives permission for residency. This part of the law is especially important for every foreigner who wants to stay longer in the country or even desires to start a business.

All kinds of visa may be obtained at representative offices, in the case of a long-term visa, the applicant has to request it from the police. There are also special conditions governing the stay without any kind of visa. They apply to citizens coming from the EU and other extraordinary cases such as imprisonment or hospitalization.

Long-term visas are issued by the police on request such as, the foreigner who desires to stay in our country due to work responsibility which demand a time period exceeding three months; other visa issuing include the cases when a foreigner is about to be granted permanent residency permission, a long-term visa in order not to divide a family, in order to study or to apply for the long-term stay permission issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Should a foreigner, who has already been granted a long-term visa and has been living in the Czech Republic, desire to stay for more than one year, they can apply for residency permission. It is necessary that the applicant’s request contains the same reasons of stay as the request accepted in the previous visa application.

The applicants for long-term stay permission have to use a ready-printed application form which has to be delivered to the police. In the application foreigners are obliged to fill in the same information as when asking for permanent residency. They are then allowed to stay in the country for the time quoted in the approved application form.

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This page displays the regulations and laws necessary for a legal stay in the Czech Republic, it also provides various information on marriages, living conditions and life of foreigners in the Czech Republic.