The capital of Prague provides countless services for both residents and visitors. Everyone can choose from a great selection of entertainment, sports or other services. As a foreigner who may have decided to live here for a longer time, or to settle down here, you will find various facilities here. You can go to a restaurant with a particular national theme, where they serve traditional meals. Most common are Chinese, Thai, Indian and Russian restaurants or Irish pubs and American fast-food outlets. You can watch films in your native language. Year by year, as the language barrier becomes less and less you can go to a club or a sports facility (e.g. on offer on If you want, you can rent or buy an apartment, obtain a driving licence or find a job here. Local laws also allow foreigners to start their own businesses and you can also use the services of a wide array of accountants or lawyers who are capable of operating in foreign languages. Prague is an attractive city, due in part to its richly diverse culture and its integration of a wide spectrum of architectural styles. Year by year it tries to become more attractive to tourists and foreigners who decide to live here by offering such a multitude of services.

On you may find all necessary information in English. We hope it will help with the first steps of a new life in the Czech Republic and Prague.