At this moment the company JCDecaux, Městský mobiliář, s.r.o. operates total of 17 public toilets in the area of the capital Prague. Out of this number 15 toilets are integrated in advertising and information displays, the two remaining toilets have a larger user space and can be used by handicapped people.

Toilet in a tube

The public toilets are inside of an advertising or information tube and are fully automated, which means that all functions are electronically operated. After inserting a 5 CZK when in the “vacant” mode the door automatically opens (slides aside) and once the user steps on the floor it automatically closes and the sign on the outside plate changes into “occupied“. The room is equipped with a foldaway ceramic toilet bowl (upon entry it is ready in position to use), by a washbasin with a sensor which regulates the soap dispensing and a hot-air hand dryer, close by is a toilet paper dispenser and a waste bin. After exiting the room the floor and the toilet bowl are automatically cleaned and disinfected and in addition the bowl is dried. The cleaning and disinfecting agents used are biodegradable and they match environmental protection requirements. In winter time the user space is heated and upon entry the high-powered heating is switched on. After use the user opens the door by a regular door handle, in addition there is also another handle for emergency exit. For safety reasons the door automatically unlocks and opens fifteen minutes after the entry. The size of the user space of the toilet is 2280 x 870 x 953 mm, the size of the entry door 2005 x 640 mm.

Automated toilet, hydra type

Public toilets of the Hydra type are also fully automated but it can also be used by people in wheelchairs. All functions and equipment are the same as in the toilet integrated in the advertising tube and the fee is also 5 CZK. The user space of this toilet type is sufficient enough also for people in wheelchairs and makes movement of the wheelchair easy.

Atypical toilet on a playground

This atypical toilet is intended for visitors of the playground in Vrchlického sady. Cleaning is not made automatically but is provided daily by a maintenance employee. In winter time the user space is heated and upon the entry high-powered heating is switched on. The toilet is equipped with a washbasin, a soap dispenser, a hand dryer, a toilet paper dispenser and a waste bin for used diaper bags. The inside user space of this toilet is large enough for people in wheelchair. Entry is free.

Prague 6 in a non-standard way

Apart from the 17 of their own toilets, JCDecaux operates another four toilets integrated into stalls which are the property of the urban district Prague 6 and which can also be used by people in wheelchairs. Maintenance of the toilet is daily and is provided by a JCDecaux maintenance employee. Prague 6 town hall has fulfilled its promise that appropriate public toilets will be made to the residents.

Directions for use

JCDecaux tube type integrated toilets automatically open the door upon inserting 5 CZK and the user’s entrance is recognized by the weight sensors. In winter time high powered heating is in progress for the duration. The indoor equipment provides all the necessary comforts – washing and drying of hands, toilet paper and waste bin etc. After every use the toilet bowl, which is made without a seat, is automatically cleaned, disinfected and dried. A JCDecaux maintenance technician controls the functionality of individual components regularly, refills operational components, toilet paper and repairs possible defects. As far as the price is concerned, JCDecaux used to be very expensive, today when some public toilets cost even 10 CZK (Uhelný trh) it seems that the prices could go up. The company management has not been thinking about anything like that. The service is covered from the advertisement income.