Prague, this beautiful place in the heart of Europe, is not just a city of native Praguers and Czechs. Possibly even you who read this article belong into the varied and colourful group of expatriots living in Czech’s capital city. Maybe you moved here for work, maybe you followed someone you love. Or have you just happened to visit the city and it cast such a strong spell on you that you just couldn’t leave?

Czechs are a curious nation by nature. They often wander what those expatriots think of their way of living, customs, what they like and what they would prefer to eliminate.

That is where our section, aptly named Through Expat’s Eyes, comes in. Each month, we will be asking one of you to share with us your impressions of life in Prague and Czech Republic in general. We strongly believe that the ‘look from the outside’ not only brings new and interesting information but it also benefits mutual understanding and improves tolerance because it can draw our attention to the issues we may have been overlooking or taken for granted.

We hope that our section will become a source of enjoyment for you.

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