Things that grabbed my attention in Prague:


When I arrived on September 17 of 2009 I never imagine that I will have so many adventures here. The first thing that grabbed my attention was the weather because normally in Spain this month is hot and here it was cold and cloudy.


We took the bus to arrive at our residence, the surprise for me was that the bus arrived on time. Normally in Valencia we have to wait between 10 to 25 minutes around scheduled time and at night it's much worse. There are few stations and the city isn't well connected, however here it's amazing, you can arrive at your destination from all places where you are during the whole night.


My experience with people from Prague has been positive. The Czech people are serious, may be a little cold and clever. But if you ask another person probably they would tell you that Czech don't like the foreigners so much. I remember one time that my friends and I were in a party and the waitress wasn't friendly. We tried to ask for tequilas but she didn't understand us and after showed us bottles very aggressively.

It is true that as Erasmus students we didn't behave well all the time. We made noise in buses, we didn’t try to understand and know them.

However, as I said before my experience is positive. I've met very good people, friendly, happy, sweet who try to help in everything and one of the reasons I am here is my boyfriend. Guess where he is from ... Yes, he's Czech.

Food and Beer

The gastronomy is different and delicious I especially like chicken with ham and Camembert. The schedule for eating is very different than in Spain. d