The festival traditionally offers foreign and domestic ensembles of new circus, movement theatre, and clowning, as well as performances for children and refreshments. You can easily pass and enjoy the whole day in the circus tent.


Who will come from abroad?

Cirque Alfonse from Canada, who were in Prague in 2017 with their frivolous, bearded performance ‘Barbu’, are now coming back with a new performance ‘Tabarnak’.

You can also look forward to the Saison de Cirque, where Viktor Cathala and Kati Pikkarainen prove that they are not only great performers, but also have a great sense of humour. In their new performance, traditional meets new circus.

You will also see artists from Siberia, Swedish juggler Matias Salmenah, and the talented vaulter and the equestrian acrobat Ludovic Baladin.


Czech artists at Letná

As well as foreign stars, various Czech artists will also perform at the Letní Letná festival. The popular Losers Cirque Company is back again, this time with a premiere performance of ‘Hrdinové’ (Heroes), acollaboration with Daniel Špinar, artistic director of the Czech National Theatre, and Radim Vizváry, choreographer. In addition to their new performance, spectators can also look forward to their older, well-known shows, ‘Ego’ and the very successful ‘Kolaps’ (Collapse).

Cirk La Putyka will also arrive at Letná with this year's new performance ‘Isole’. Holektiv will introduce the story of the first Czech female pilot, ‘Božena’ and VOSTO5 will pay tribute to Hanč and Vrbata in a puppet show performance ‘Slzy ošlehaných mužů’ (Tears of beaten men).

Other interesting ensembles include Collective Momentum, Feel the Universe Circus Company, Lukas Blaha and Eva Stará, Squadra Sua, students of Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno, Bratři v tricku, and G.N.A.T.

The International Letní Letná Festival will take place with the support of Prague City Hall, Prague 7, and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.


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