The main importance of the giving of gifts is to please the recipient, while at the same time representing the country. Therefore, gifts from Czech Senators are typical for the Czech Republic, such as Carlsbad porcelain and Bohemian glass. The given objects are mostly symbolic; their value lies in their meaning and not in their price. The giving of gifts is understood as an expression of friendship, and thus has a positive impact on further proceedings and relationships.

The lion is never presented outside the country

“In the exhibition, we display gifts, which are handed out by the Members of the Senate, usually by the President of the Senate. The main gift is a glass lion,” Senate Press Secretary Eva Davidová says, adding that the crystal lion is intended for presidents of states and heads of assemblies who officially visit the Czech Republic. The statuette weighs over two kilograms and is cast in a mould from the First Czechoslovak Republic. An interesting fact is that it is only presented to those who visit the Czech Republic and never outside the country.


Stained glass and handmade paper

You can also admire other glass items in the exhibition, which are made of stained and gilded glass, some are decorated with an inserted bohemian garnet and artistic motifs. One of the gifts, a crystal chess set, has symbolic significance, as political action can be compared to a game of chess. In addition to the products from glass in the exhibition, a set of handmade paper is on display, which was manufactured in the Handmade Paper Mill Velké Losiny, one of the oldest still operating businesses of its kind in Europe.


Gifts received

There are also many gifts received from other states in the exhibition. They are usually handed out by Senate Presidents and Vice-Presidents. There are not only gifts from European countries, but also from Japan, Yemen, Canada and New Zealand.


Wallenstein Palace

‘Valdštejnský palác’ (The Wallenstein Palace) in Malá Strana (Lesser Town), one of the most distinctive buildings of the Czech early Baroque, is currently the seat of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. The Wallenstein Palace complex also includes ‘Valdštejnská zahrada’ (The Wallenstein Garden) and ‘Valdštejnská jízdárna’ (Wallenstein Riding School).



Open until 14/04/2019 every weekend from 10AM to 5PM


Venue: Valdštejnský palác  (Wallenstein Palace)

Valdštejnské náměstí 4,

Prague 1 - Malá Strana


Free Admission