‘Foreword’ in the dancing hall

‘Foreword’ is the name of the audiovisual exhibition, which has been created especially for Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace. The installation has several narratives and is composed of physical objects, textile samples and sound recordings. A part of the sound installation is set up to resemble the scene of a radio studio “The visitors hear a simple recording of male and female voices where the performers aim to find the difference between breath and voice, in the exact moment when breath becomes voice, when the vocal cords start moving. They will also see connections with the architecture of radio studios in my other works,” said Roman Štětina.

Costumed speakers

In another part of the exhibit, Štětina presents remarkable designs of textiles that covered historical radio speakers, in collaboration with the fashion designer Mia Jadrná. They suggest that for listeners, broadcasts were, “dressed up” in these fabrics.  These were various materials whose specific characters reflected their functional design. Štětina and Jadrná present them as beautiful materials, at once solid and permeable, and possessing an aesthetic quality. Come and listen to the unusual sounds coming from the historical radio speakers, while admiring their unusual and irregular patterns.

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Roman Štětina (Born in 1986) is one of the few artists making connections between sound and visual art. The use of archive material, which he updates and transforms into artistic projects full of imagination and intelligent humour, is a characteristic of his work. He is also interested in the media environment, and has the experience of working for the Czech public radio Český rozhlas and of his own music career.


Open until 24/02/2019

Opening times:

Monday closed, Thursday 10am-6pm, all other days 10am-4pm

Venue: Prague City Gallery (Galerie hl. m. Prahy)

Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace, dance hall on the 2nd floor

Karlova 189/2, Prague 1 – The Old Town (Staré Město)