Super stars

When you listen to Edi Nulz, you cannot stop wondering if it is a rock-tinged jazz, or if is it the other way around. Edi Nulz is an Austrian rock band with no lead singer. Edi Nulz is a jazz trio with no bassist. Edi Nulz is pure anarchy. Edi Nulz is an absolute must-see!

However, there are other great stars on the ‘Mladí Ladí Jazz’ festival programme, for example, the New York jazzman Oran Etkin, who is a great clarinettist and Grammy Award winner. His work is inspired by music from Africa, the Far East and Europe, as well as from Israel, Etkin’s birthplace. For his unique Prague show, he will perform together with an improvised ensemble with several significant Czech and Slovak musicians. Other star names in this year's festival programme include Alfa Mist, a renowned British multi-instrumentalist and producer, who mixes jazz with alternative hip-hop and soul; and the very unorthodox producer from Netherlands, Jameszoo.


Talent competition

An integral part of the festival is also Jazzfruit, an international competition for young musicians, with both Czech and international categories. The Czech category is only for young domestic bands, which are still waiting to be discovered. The winner will have an opportunity to record a debut album in a professional studio and make a music video. The international category is for experienced bands both from the Czech Republic and abroad. Winners will receive awards including a financial prize to purchase of music equipment, as well as an international PR. The finalists of both categories will perform at the final Open Air concert.


Final Open Air

The final spectacular Open Air celebration for International Jazz Day on the 30th of April 2019 will vibrate the whole ‘Karlovo náměstí’ (Charles Square). The main star will be the Norwegian nu-jazz magicians Jaga Jazzist, one of the best concert groups of the present day. Among other performers will be Moon Hooch, HarmCore Jazz Band, and minus123minut.


Celebrate the 10th annual of the great jazz festival and enjoy the best of jazz.


Programme of the international jazz festival ‘Mladí ladí jazz’ 2019 (06/04/2019 – 30/04/2019)

  • The 6th of April at 8PM in Jazz Dock Prague - Edi Nulz (AT)

  • The 8th of April at 8PM in Jazz Dock Prague - Oran Etkin (US)

  • The 16th of April at 7:30PM in Akropolis Palace Prague - Alfa Mist (UK)

  • The 24th of April at 8:30PM in MeetFactory Prague - Jameszoo (NL)

  • The 25th of April at 8PM in Jazz Dock Prague - Yarah Bravo (DE)

  • The 30th of April at 2:30PM in Karlovo náměstí(Charles Square) - Praha Open Air: Jaga Jazzist, Moon Hooch, minus123minut, Emil Viklický Trio, HarmCore Jazz Band


Discounted admission for visitors up to 26 years starts at CZK 111

Tickets for concerts can be purchased at GoOut.

The program on ‘Karlovo náměstí’ (Charles Square) is free of charge

For more information, please visit