For centuries, Italians and Czechs have maintained rich cultural contact. There have been strong art ties between the two countries since the 16th century. And thanks to the Italian Cultural Institute, they still continue to the present day.


Italian Cultural Institute in Prague

Located in the picturesque Malá Strana (Lesser Town), this institute works closely with the Italian Embassy. Its mission is to promote Italian culture and language in the Czech Republic and to support cultural relations between the two countries. Among other things, it offers language courses both in Italian and Czech, as well as educational, cultural and entertainment events. It also encourages cooperation and contact with institutions, companies, and universities.


Beautiful Views

One of the events that bring us closer to Italy is the photographic exhibition “Affacciati sulla bellezza. Il paesaggio italiano in fotografia (1950-2010)” (Beautiful Views. Italian landscape in photography (1950-2010’). As the name suggests, the exhibition documents the development of the Italian landscape from the 1950s to the present through the eyes of renowned Italian photographers.

At the exhibition, visitors will primarily see the interaction between man and nature, between the natural landscape and the urban environment and their transformation.  In addition, photographs map the basic principle grounded in the Italian Constitution: "Republic ... protects the landscape and the historical and artistic heritage of the Nation ..." A quick glance won’t be enough, so engage your senses and imagination and let yourself be carried to this country which can be proud of its history and natural beauty.


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Until 03/05/2019

Baroque Chapel of the Italian Cultural Institute:

Barokní kaple Italského kulturního institutu, Vlašská 34, Praha 1


Opening times:

Monday - Thursday: 10AM– 1PM and 3PM - 5PM, Friday: 10AM – 1PM

Free Admission